Where is what?

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educator, literacy advocate, life-long learner
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3 Responses to Where is what?

  1. Youknowwho says:

    Anna, still trying to find my way around Facebook. Where do I find the Differentiater? Do I go to Google? Will I be able to find your response to this message? I’m taking a nap.

  2. So, as you see, we discuss, about things on the blog here, where hopefully many more followers would come and start discussions,
    and than we are a having a personal learning network for sharing thoughts about teaching, learning,
    On the other side, we can keep facebook for our private conversations, or build a Facebook page for professionals.
    I have recently started a new blog, where i only post Creative commons lesson plans. Which means, teachers, come, take, adapt, if they like the also post their lesson plans. These are in English. For my teachers here, I only throw the english version in google translate, and yhan thay have to read the bad translation in Macedonian, however it wirks well for most of them.

    differentiator a single page with more tabs, so you go through the tabs to choose. I am in love with it.


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